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Collecting User mode dumps in even if Windows Error reporting is disabled

At times mini dumps may not be sufficient to debug a specific issue. We may need a full process dump to further investigate the problem. came across a MSDN article that explains how to enable collecting user mode dumps  to

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SQL 2012 Developer edition for MSDN subscribers

You can download  SQL 2012 Developer edition if you are a MSDN subscriber

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Export the query to excel sheet automatically

You can use powershell to export query results to a Excel file. You can download script from QueryResultsToExcel.ps1 running the powershell script: View Excel file:  

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Run multiple SQL script files using Invoke-SqlCmd ( SQL Powershell)

# Right click on Server in Object Explorer ( SQL Management Studio) # Select Start Powershell, In Powershell  window, type in following command. replace c:\sqlscripts with  your own folder dir C:\sqlscripts\*.sql | foreach-object { invoke-sqlcmd -InputFile $_.FullName }  

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